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Madrid and the Islands, the Regions Where House Prices Have Risen by 30% in Five Years

The price of homes for sale in Spain has increased by 15% on average since 2015.

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The percentage increase in the autonomous regions of Madrid, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands has been double the Spanish average. The cumulative price of homes for sale in Spain in mid-2020 (June 2020) has risen by 15% since June 2015, according to the study “Cumulative variation in house prices in Spain” based on June 2020 data from Fotocasa’s Real Estate Index.

In absolute terms, since 2015, the average price per square metre of homes for sale has increased by 15% (from 1,635 euros/m2 in June 2015, to 1,874 euro/m2 in June 2020).

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