Locare & Tectum Are Awarded the Largest Residential Housing Project in Spain

The property developer Locare, in partnership with Tectum, is going to develop almost 400 affordable rental housing units on public land belonging to Alcobendas City Council.

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The property developer Locare is going to build a social housing complex in Alcobendas (Madrid), in the largest public-private collaboration between the real estate sector and a public administration in Spain.

Locare is the property developer and Tectum is the estate manager; they will work hand in hand with Arenhos, an affordable rental consultant in the residential sector, led by Locare’s former Investment Director, Alejandra Mora Gallego. In 2018, they submitted a private initiative to the City Council of Alcobendas to release an area of disused social land, which is where this complex will now be built.

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