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L’illa Diagonal Shopping Centre to Invest €35 million in the Renovation of its Facilities

The renovation is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 to coincide with L'illa Diagonal's 30th anniversary.

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The L’illa Diagonal shopping center is going to begin a renovation project this summer with the aim of improving its harmony with the public gardens of Sant Joan de Déu. In this vein, it is going to build a “shade house” with vegetation that will reinforce the green environment and will house new restaurant spaces. The design of the renovation has been entrusted to the architecture and landscaping firm Batlleiroig.

To this end, the “shade house” and vegetation area will be built measuring almost 200 meters long. In this way, the shopping centre will have a new multipurpose green area integrated into the gardens that will optimize air quality, as well as thermal and acoustic comfort. The “shade house” will also refresh and renovate the outdoor dining areas, since new unique restaurant concepts will be incorporated to attract new diners and operators.

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