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Lexington Finalises Two New Flex Office Centres in Madrid and Barcelona

David Vega, CEO of the company, told Brainsre.news how its current portfolio took shape and what new openings are planned.

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Flex spaces landed in Spain in 1981 with the firm Lexington. Known as business centres, they were spaces where the operator set up offices that were rented to different companies. These shared common services such as telephone answering, the secretary’s office or the cleaning team. “There was no networking, no events; the concept of community was not developed before,” explained David Vega, CEO of Lexington.

The company’s CEO explained how complicated the beginnings were in Spain. “In Spain, they were not in demand because they were not known and because they went against the nature of Spanish. […] Spanish companies believed that locating in a space like this was a sign of precariousness.”

This forced them to change their client target and move abroad. At that time, they focused on foreign companies coming to Spain, with whom they had validated that the model worked, imported from the Anglo-Saxon world. “This has meant that over the years we have specialised in this type of client, and today more than 80% of our client portfolio is made up of foreign multinational companies,” says Vega.

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