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LEM Loan Launches a Real Estate Debt Investment Portal from €20,000

The debt sale and purchase marketplace has identified more than 5,000 real estate loans for sale, which can be acquired online in small tickets from as little as 2,000 euros.

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The LEM Loan e-Market credit platform makes it easy for investors to search for products from all over Spain with one click, in a growing market that is worth close to 84.4 billion euros. The average value of the loans that the company is marketing is around 148,000 euros, from a portfolio valued at 1 billion euros, according to

Access to the virtual map is free. It offers the location and main data points about more than 5,000 real estate loans that are currently being marketed on the platform. The loans are linked to all kinds of properties, from homes and commercial premises, to offices and land. The reactivation of debt portfolios due to the crisis is opening up the possibility for medium-sized and less institutional investors to invest in the secondary market.

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