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Lar España Tries to Avoid a Hostile Takeover by Negotiating the Exit of its Shareholder Pimco

Miguel Pereda director general Lar España Socimi
Miguel Pereda, CEO of Lar España

The key to the operation is the price at which Pimco would sell its stake and at which a buyer would be willing to acquire a 20% share that does not carry decision-making rights. Therefore, Lar, another of the Socimi’s shareholders, with an 11% stake, is trying to find a buyer who is not ‘tempted’ to carry out a hostile takeover, according to El Confidencial.

Five years after Lar España made its debut on the stock market, Pimco has completed its investment cycle, but the stock market discount that the share price currently reflects, of up to 40% with respect to the value of the assets, has blocked its exit.

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