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Lar España to Reopen Ànec Blau after Investing €16.2M

The refurbishment of the shopping centre has now been finished, bar some aesthetic finishing touches, and so the Socimi is planning to reopen it soon after the lockdown ends.

Anec Blau Castedefells 1
The Ànec Blau shopping centre in Castelldefels, owned by Lar España

The Ànec Blau shopping centre is waiting for the lockdown to come to an end before completing its finishing touches. Its owner, the Socimi Lar España, plans to reopen the complex, which is located in Castelldefels (Barcelona), shortly after the Government lifts the confinement measures, as reported by EjePrime.

At this time, the major refurbishment work has been completed and there are only “a few aesthetic finishing touches pending”, say sources at the Socimi. It is worth noting that the cinemas in the shopping centre, which span a surface area of 3,050 square metres and which will be managed by Yelmo Cines, have already been completely finished.


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