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Lar España Maintains its Dividend, which it will Pay on 16 April

The General Shareholders' Meeting held on 17 March approved the payment of €55 million.

Jose Luis del Valle presidente Lar España Socimi 1

On 16 April, the Socimi Lar Spain will proceed to pay a dividend amounting to €55 million, equivalent to €0.6276 gross per share, against its results for 2019. The distribution of this dividend was approved at the company’s most recent General Shareholders’ Meeting, which was held on 17 March.

The company, which specialises in shopping centres says that it has a strong balance sheet, which allows it to face the challenges presented by the Covid-19 crisis in the best conditions. “The Socimi’s gearing is low, with debt representing just 34% of its asset value. Moreover, its debt has limited maturities until 2022, an average cost of 2.1%, almost 90% is fixed-rate, and the firm’s cash position shows significant strength ”, specify sources at the company.


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