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LaFinca Repurchases its Stake in the Joint Socimi from Värde for €128 million

The two parties have reached an agreement to break the alliance they signed at the beginning of 2017.

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Värde Partners is increasing its divestments. The Minneapolis-based venture capital company has sold its stake in the Socimi LaFinca Global Assets to its partner Grupo LaFinca for 128 million euros.

According to market sources speaking to Brainsre.news, Värde’s investment in the company amounted to less than 90 million euros. According to a document to which this newspaper has had access, in 2016, Mansfield recorded income from financing activities amounting to 88.01 million euros and outgoings due to investment activities amounting to 86.87 million euros, which could correspond to the capital allocated to its joint venture with Grupo LaFinca.

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