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La Generalitat Halts the Construction of More than 11,000 Homes on the Costa Brava

The Catalan Government is making use of the Urban Master Plan to stop the development of 11,000 homes in 17 municipalities on the Costa Brava.

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La Generalitat of Cataluña has decided to stop the construction of more than 11,000 homes in 17 municipalities on the Costa Brava.

To this end, it has made use of the Urban Master Plan, known as the Girona coast protection plan, which aims to avoid construction in spaces with special scenic and environmental value. For the plan to be approved, it must receive a favourable report from the Catalan Territory Commission. The plan, according to La Generalitat, aims to identify incompatibilities between the boundaries of the current sectors and the territorial protections in terms of environmental protection, in addition to adapting municipal urban planning to the growth strategies established in territorial planning.

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