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La Française REM acquires five Elsan clinics

La Française REM acquires five Elsan clinics

Real estate investment management company La Française REM has expanded its presence in the healthcare sector by acquiring a portfolio of five clinics in France for €120 million, as reported by Cfnewsimmo.

The transaction, carried out on behalf of LF Avenir Santé and Épargne Foncière SCPIs, involved a sale and leaseback arrangement with the operator Elsan, ensuring long-term commitments. The clinics, located in Saint-Estève, Carcassonne, Nîmes, Cambrai, and Fréjus, encompass a total area of 29,054 square meters and have an estimated value of around €4,130 per square meter. La Française REM plans to undertake expansions and install photovoltaic panels on the properties, while also establishing a joint fund with Elsan to support the modernization of the healthcare facilities and promote energy efficiency.

This acquisition highlights La Française REM’s ongoing focus on the healthcare sector, following previous investments in clinics and healthcare centers. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices is evident in its plans for renewable energy installations and emphasis on environmental positioning. By partnering with Elsan to establish a modernization fund, both entities demonstrate a shared vision for responsible asset management and the transition towards a greener future.


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