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La Finca Earns €6.5 Million and its Shareholder Värde Changes the Socimi’s Entire Board

The Socimi behind the offices in La Finca earned 16% more in H1, whilst Cartera Mansfield, owner of 37% of the firm, called an extraordinary meeting to appoint a new board.

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La Finca Business Park office complex, in Pozuelo (Madrid).

La Finca Global Assets, the Socimi that owns La Finca’s real estate portfolio, has presented its accounts for the first half of 2020. During the period, the company managed to increase its income by 2.36% to 25.56 million euros, mainly from its office rental business, whilst growing its profits by 16% to 6.46 million euros.

The company attributes this increase in earnings to improvements in the management of the Socimi, which has included several new appointments to its senior management team in recent months.

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