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Juan Velayos and the Creators of Privalia Launch a New Sustainable Construction Company

Lucas Carné and José Manuel Villanueva are launching a company called 011h Sustainable Construction, with Juan Velayos as a member of the board.

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Juan Velayos, former CEO of Neinor Homes and Renta Corporación.

The company 011h Sustainable Construction will be dedicated to “the development, execution and construction of all types of buildings for housing and other uses, as well as to the manufacture of components for construction, structures, slabs, facades and modules”, explains Expansión.

To promote the new project, its managers have engaged Juan Velayos, former CEO of Neinor Homes and Renta Corporación, to join the company as a member of the board. The executive launched his own real estate boutique, JV20, a few months ago, after gaining experience at Neinor Homes and Alantra. In addition, the manager recently joined Almar Consulting as a partner to co-lead the execution of the company’s strategic plan, including its corporate operations.

Read the full article in Spanish.


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