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Juan Roig Sells 40% of the Luxury Hotel Vivood Paisaje

The founder and CEO of Vivood Hotel Landscape, Daniel Mayo, has taken over the majority of the ownership of the company, while Angels has recovered the 3.5 million euros that it invested and retains a 20% ​​stake.

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Hotel Vivood located in Guadalest, Alicant

Mercadona’s President, Juan Roig, has sold 40% of the company Vivood Hotel Landscape to its founder and CEO, Daniel Mayo, through his investment company Angels, for 3.5 million euros, but will retain a 20% ​​stake.

Conceived as a prefabricated eco-friendly accommodation option, with a unique and patented design, Vivood formed part of the first edition of the Lanzadera program in 2013. Shortly after its creation, Angels joined the firm and the project became a reality in 2015 with the opening of the hotel located in Benimantell. The property is surrounded by nature, in the Guadalest valley (Alicante), and comprises 35 independent suites and villas integrated into the mountain and designed as viewpoints over the landscape. It also has an Ayurvedic-inspired spa, restaurant and two panoramic pools.

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