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Juan Manuel Pardo (JLL): “Investment in Student Halls of Residence is Consolidating at Around €600-€800 Million Per Year”

In the latest BNews Podcast, the Director of Living at JLL analyses the investment in this market, which is increasingly attracting the attention of investors.


Around 38% of students enrolled in Spain need accommodation: in the 2021-2022 academic year alone, the potential demand reached 588,000 beds. Although the supply has increased by more than 5.6% over the last year, the number of places is still insufficient. The coverage ratio in Spain currently stands at 7.3%, well below that of other European markets. Juan Manuel Pardo, Director of Living at the real estate consultancy JLL, reveals that his firm is planning to close several student residence projects over the coming months. In the latest BNews Podcast, the professional analyses the current state of investment in the segment and shares his forecasts for the years ahead.

Leaving aside the large operation involving RESA, which amounted to 900 million euros and which accounted for almost 60% of the annual transaction volume, investment in the student residence segment grew slightly in 2022 compared to the previous year. According to Pardo, “the volume of investment is consolidating at around 600-800 million euros per year”.

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