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Investors Prepare to Purchase Commercial Assets Worth €2.5 Billion

Intu's shopping centres, Lar's supermarkets and Inditex's stores earmarked for closure are just some of the operations that are already on the market and that will drive up investment in 2021.

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The hangover from a year dominated by uncertainty is going to be a year full of real estate transactions, with discounts of varying sizes, depending on the particular segment. In this way, it seems that the hotel and retail segments will see more off-market operations, where negotiations will much more flexible.

The consulting firm CBRE has identified a portfolio of possible transactions that, if closed, would drive up the volume of investment registered in 2021 by 2.5 billion euros. Assets from Lar, Intu Properties, Mercadona, the banks and even Inditex have already been put on the market, together with other properties that are being traded beyond the official marketing channels.

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NPL Brains RE 650 x 250


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