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Investors Opt for “Bargains” and Rule Out Large Portfolio Purchases in 2020

No large-scale portfolio purchases or other major operations. The strategy of investors following the worsening of the health crisis is to sign smaller operations, focusing on logistics and residential rental assets, with big discounts on hotels.

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Until the end of the year, real estate investment will be smaller, more selective and with discounts. And that strategy will be adopted not only in Spain. Almost 60% of the 150 professional investors from Germany, France and the United Kingdom surveyed by Union Investment for its investment landscape study say that they are currently choosing to invest with the lowest risk possible, even at the expense of sacrificing returns. But there is money around.

It is clear that the evolution of the pandemic with the new outbreaks and the consequent increase in uncertainty have worsened the stand-by situation in which the sector had been suspended. The aforementioned figure was only 35% before the outbreak of the pandemic. Madrid (47%) and Barcelona (33%), along with Milan (55%), are considered the markets that will likely be most affected by the consequences of the pandemic for the longest time.

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