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Investors Finalise Student Hall Operations Worth €400 Million

The beginning of the academic year has not discouraged the student residence market, which is awaiting the signing of several land operations, as well as of some significant portfolio sales that look set to equal the 500 million euros transacted in 2019.

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Common areas in Greystar’s San Mames hall of residence, located in Bilbao and inaugurated in September.

Coexisting alongside the pandemic is beginning to become an irreversible reality and in the case of education, even more so. During the first quarter of 2020, operations worth 120 million euros had already been carried out in the student residence sector before the coronavirus outbreak, according to the consultancy JLL. During 2019, assets worth 500 million euros were transacted, after 2017 marked a turning point in investment in this segment in Spain.

And although the market remained on standby during the lockdown, it has now been activated again. The final quarter is expected to close with a volume of almost 400 million euros, including land operations and portfolio transactions, with the sale of two portfolios on the verge of being completed. “There are very advanced land operations underway in Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Sevilla, Madrid that would put up to 2,000 additional beds on the market,” said Nick Wride, Director of EMEA Student Residences at JLL speaking to Brainsre.news.

Read the full article in Spanish.

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