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Investors Expect Discounts of 40% on Upcoming Hotel Operations

The consulting firm Christie & Co expects such discounts to be negotiated for assets located in secondary cities, as well as for those located away from the beachfront.

The consultancy firm Christie & Co, which specialises in the hotel sector, has published its analysis entitled Business Outlook: Review, Realign, Recover, in which it reflects on the activity and challenges of 2020 across the different sectors in which Christie & Co operates, including the hotel sector, and shares its forecasts for 2021.

In addition, it has conducted a survey of European real estate professionals, whose responses confirm the impact that the pandemic has had on the hotel industry across Europe in 2020.

Read the full article in Spanish.


Increased Demand for Houses in Madrid Leaves Supply at Six-Year Low

The demand for houses in Madrid following the coronavirus pandemic reduced supply by 28% in 2020, with interest concentrated on the city’s periphery. However, Moncloa-Aravaca still has the most detached properties for sale in the capital, according to Brainsre.

Where are the Highest Housing Yields in Madrid and Barcelona?

According to Brainsre, buying a property to let is currently yielding a gross profit of 4.6% in Madrid and 4.1% in Barcelona, the lowest value in the last five years.

A Snapshot of the Spanish Residential Market

Between March and December, the supply of single-family homes fell by 12%, falling twice as quickly as that for flats, due to a sharp increase in demand, according to Brainsre.

A Snapshot of the Housing Market in Barcelona

San Martín and Sants Montjuic saw the most significant declines in housing prices, though prices are still over €4,200 and €3,500 per square metre, respectively, according to Brainsre.

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Housing Sales Above 44,000 Transactions in February With a Boost in New Builds

A total of 44,833 homes were bought and sold in February, up 1.1% year-on-year, while 24,623 new mortgage loans were granted, up 10.3%.

Renta Corporación Acquires Building in Barcelona, IWG to Open New Coworking Facility Onsite

Renta Corporación will invest eight million euros in the building's refurbishment to convert it into a coworking space to be operated by IWG.

Meridia Acquires 24,000-m2 Warehouse in Barcelona from Segipsa

Meridia acquired the asset in a public auction from the stated-owned Sociedad Mercantil Estatal de Gestión Inmobiliaria de Patrimonio (Segipsa).

IBA Capital and Arab Investor Acquire Office Complex in 22@ from Blackstone

The office complex, valued at €120 million, consists of three buildings and approximately 21,500 square metres.