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Investors Applaud the Neinor-Quabit Operation

The share prices of both property developers have registered significant increases following the announcement of Neinor's purchase of Quabit, which has seen rises of 12%.

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Investors have welcomed the announcement of Neinor’s purchase of Quabit, which was communicated as the market closed on Monday.

In this way, on Tuesday, Neinor’s shares started trading with increases of almost 5% at the beginning of the session, up to 11.540 euros, corresponding to a market capitalisation at 912 million euros. At the close of the session, the share price of the property developer led by Borja García Egotxeaga stood at 11.3 euros, 2.73% higher than the previous day, corresponding to a market value of 893 million euros.

Read the full article in Spanish.

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