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Investment in the Residential Rental Segment has Risen by 60% Since 2016, According to Savills AN

Investment in residential assets accounts for 27% of the total capital allocated to the real estate sector worldwide and is forecast to reach 26.3 billion dollars in 2020, up by 60% compared to 2016.

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Investment in residential rental assets, which comprise multifamily homes, student residences and nursing homes for the elderly, accounted for 27% of global real estate investment during the first three quarters of 2020, up from 16% a decade ago, according to the Savills Global Living 2020 report.

In addition, the study reveals that the capital allocated by funds to this segment has increased by 60% over the last four years. Specifically, the figure has gone from 16.4 billion dollars (13.8 billion euros) in 2016 to 26.3 billion dollars (22.1 billion euros) in 2020, based on data from Preqin.

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