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Investment in the Coliving Segment Soars to €430 million in H1 2022

Demand, which far exceeds the current supply, supports the growth forecast for the sector, which could amount to 5,000 beds by 2024, at a growth rate of 400%.

edificio coliving barcelona culmia

Investment in the coliving sector is continuing to rise. During the first six months of 2022, 3,900 new beds have been transacted in this real estate segment and an investment of 433 million euros has been registered, accounting for  18% of the total investment in the “living” sector, according to data from CBRE. The figure is more than ten times higher than that recorded in the first quarter, around 35 million euros, and almost five times higher than the investment captured by the segment in 2021 as a whole, around 100 million euros.

Coliving is a type of real estate asset that, following the pandemic, has not ceased to spark interest among its target audience, young people aged between 26 and 40 years old. Members of this cohort are increasingly seeking a social component in their places of residence.

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