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Inmobiliaria Espacio is Committed to Participating in Operación Chamartín

The property developer owned by the Villar Mir group owns land for residential and office use in Madrid Nuevo Norte, where it hopes to participate with its own projects as well as those of third parties.

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Inmobiliaria Espacio, owned by the Villar Mir group, owns land for residential and office use within the Madrid Nuevo Norte development, the largest Spanish urban development operation ever seen. For this reason, those responsible for the firm believe that they may be well-positioned to participate in certain sectors, but the compensation boards have not yet been constituted and a clear vision of the plan is not expected until mid or late 2021.

“As property developers, we want to be involved in the building work and the project management, to help others, as well as to deliver our own projects. The logical and natural thing would be for us to play an active role in Madrid Nuevo Norte and we would like to participate in some of the unique developments that will take place”, explained Alberto Muñoz, CEO of the company, speaking to El Economista.

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