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Inbisa Restarts Development Line: Acquires 4 Major Plots of Land

Inbisa has finalised its acquisition of four residential plots of land, looking to develop and deliver 600 homes per year. At the same time, it’s preparing to relaunch its logistics business.

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One of the most well-known companies in the Spanish real estate sector is looking to a new future. Inbisa, led by its CEO Manuel Balcells, has decided to reactivate its development business, taking advantage of the boom in new construction and logistics, two of its long-term strengths.

To this end, Inbisa has put two of its executives at the helm: Pedro Vizcaíno, as director of Residential Business, and Ignacio Monge for the logistics development area.

With more than 3,800 homes delivered, Inbisa has restarted its new-build line of business, with projects in Madrid, Malaga, Catalonia, Burgos, and Cantabria.

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