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Inbest & GPF Join Forces Through a Socimi With €600 Million to Invest

The Socimi's first major operation was the purchase of two historic premises in Sevilla and Córdoba from El Corte Inglés for 50 million euros.

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The investment firms Inbest and GPF Capital, which previously joined forces to invest in the shopping arcade in Edificio España, in Madrid’s Plaza de España, are going to continue working together with a joint Socimi. In this vein, they have 600 million euros to invest and their first operation was the acquisition of two highly sought-after premises from El Corte Inglés in Sevilla and Córdoba.

As explained by the two firms, the company has already been constituted and financed and it has completed its first two acquisitions. Inbest and GPF will share the seats on the Board of Directors and Investment Committee, whilst the executive functions will be delegated to the current Inbest team led by Javier Basagoiti.

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