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In Which Municipalities Do Britons in Spain Choose to Live?

More than 250,000 Britons reside in Spain, mainly in towns along the Mediterranean Coast where, in some cases, they outnumber the Spanish population.

It is the third-largest foreign community in Spain – after the Moroccan and Romanian communities – and the number one in many coastal towns. Citizens of the United Kingdom represent an important business niche for the Spanish residential market, thanks to their interest in living in Spain. They are attracted by the good climate, the endless beaches, the outstanding gastronomy and the extensive tourist and cultural offerings, as well as by the advantages that they enjoy as citizens of the European Union and which the British Government has been fighting to maintain post-Brexit. Now, all Brits must observe a mandatory 14-day quarantine when returning home from Spain. But where do the Brits who live in Spain prefer to reside?

According to data collected by the Brains RE real estate big data platform, 250,392 Britons currently live in Spain. By autonomous region, the Community of Valencia leads the ranking, where according to the latest data from INE for 2019, 78,890 citizens from the United Kingdom reside, followed closely by Andalucía, with 77,451.

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