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Housing Sales Rise by 2.5% In June

The areas that saw the highest number of property sales in June 2021 were Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia.


According to data published Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INE), there were 48,201 home sales noted in property registers in June 2021, an increase of 2.5% m-o-m.

91.7% of the homes sold in June were market-priced (44,196 units, up 3% m-o-m), wihle 8.3% were protected (4,005, -3.1%). Furthermore, 19.4% of the dwellings were new (9,363, +1.8%) and 80.6% were existing (38,838, +2.7%).

The regions with the highest number of sales per 100,000 inhabitants were Comunidad Valenciana (163 units), Madrid (150) and Andalusia (148). In contrast, Galicia (71), Asturias (91) and Extremadura (94) had the lowest amount of transactions per 100,000 inhabitants.

In absolute terms, the Autonomous Communities that recorded the highest number of property sales in June were Andalusia (9,945 units), Madrid (7,998) and Catalonia (7,151), while La Rioja (353), Cantabria (502) and Navarre (549) saw the fewest sales.

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