Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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House Sales Will Fall By Up To 30% in 2020, With a Halt in the New Supply in 2021

According to Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, President of Asprima and CEO of Vía Ágora, bank financing is not having the best time. He believes that one of the "challenges for the sector is to seek new forms of financing".

Despite the recovery in residential sales and a lesser-than-expected impact on prices following the end of the full lockdown, the outlook for the real estate sector remains tough.

In this way, Consuelo Villanueva, Director of Institutions and Large Accounts at Sociedad de Tasación (ST), has said that house sales will fall this year by between 20-30% with respect to last year. Sources at Asprima do not forecast drops in new home prices but point out that building permits have fallen by 30-35% on average, which will result in a halt in activity in 2021 and 2022, and in a lower supply.

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Madrid’s Salamanca Neighbourhood Resists Covid With No Price Decreases

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The Prices of New Homes Resist Covid and Continue to Rise

New build apartments in the Balearic Islands cost more than 580,000 euros on average; meanwhile, in Madrid, they cost 412,000 euros and in Castilla La-Mancha you can buy one for 122,147 euros.

The 22@ District, the Epicentre of Barcelona’s Real Estate Market

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The Rental Market in Spain: the Stock Increases and Prices Fall

The average residential rental price in Spain reached 10.2 euros per square metre per month in the third quarter of 2020 and so prices remain at record highs despite the Covid-19 crisis.

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