Friday, October 30, 2020
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House Sales Return to their Pre-Covid Levels in August with 33,000 Operations

33,201 homes were sold in August compared to 30,351 in the same month in 2019, up by 6.8% in interannual terms. That figure represents a return to the pre-Covid levels of March.

The data from the General Council of Notaries also shows that the average price of homes dropped by 7.3% during the eighth month of the year and that mortgage loans increased by 6.5% year-on-year.

Even so, the number of sales recorded in July set a new record, following the lockdown with the signing of pending deeds, which will be difficult to match: 50,022 transactions were recorded, which shows that there are still monthly drops in the data. In August, 33,201 homes were sold compared to 30,351 in the same month in 2019, down by 6.8% year-on-year. That figure also represents a return to the pre-Covid levels of March, when 32,490 transactions were signed.

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What Is the Nursing Home Sector Like in Spain?

In Spain, there are 363,581 beds in nursing homes, which are asymmetrically distributed across the country. The province of Barcelona has a shortage of 11,124 units; whilst Madrid needs to add another 5,220 beds to its supply.

Which is the Most Dynamic Neighbourhood in Madrid Post Covid?

Tetuán has become one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Madrid capital, thanks to its competitive prices and the emergence of new projects. However, coronavirus is weighing down on the market, especially when it comes to rental properties.

Property Developers Expect to Handover 20,500 New Homes Before 2021

In the three remaining months of the year, property developers expect to finish 20,551 homes in Spain, distributed across 1,061 developments, several of which will comprise hundreds of units.

The Aging Spanish Population: a Gold Mine for the Real Estate Sector

By 2050, 31.4% of the population in Spain will be aged over 64 years due to aging and a longer life expectancy. The supply of nursing homes for the elderly will need to double its capacity to keep pace.

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