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House Prices Register Their First YoY Decrease of 0.6% Since 2016 in Large Cities

Tinsa's definitive data for September places the interannual decrease in house prices in Spain at -0.5% during the third quarter.

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According to Tinsa’s IMIE General and Large Markets statistics, house prices in Spain’s provincial capitals and large cities fell by 0.6% year-on-year in September, to 1,610 points, which represents the first annual drop since August 2016. The definitive data for the month of September places the interannual fall for Spain as a whole at -0.5% during the third quarter.

“The data for September confirms the decrease in terms of house prices in recent months, which represents the beginning of a change in the recent trend as a result of the current situation, which is characterised by uncertainty and weakening demand”, explains Rafael Gil, Director of the Research Service at Tinsa.

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