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House Prices Have Fallen by 2.9% Since March in Spain’s Provincial Capitals, According to Tinsa

The Mediterranean coast and the archipelagos have registered the largest post-covid price decreases of 8.3% and 7.9%, respectively, according to the appraisal firm.

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The prices of new and second-hand homes in Spain’s capital cities and large cities are continuing to fall, maintaining the trend that began in May. Prices have now fallen by 2.9% since March when the health crisis began.

And, in the opinion of the director of Tinsa’s Research Service, Rafael Gil, “the general declining trend in terms of average residential values is continuing, with the general index falling by 2.2% in interannual terms, as it did in September. The variation in the general index with respect to the previous month is minimal and it has fallen by 3.2% with respect to March”.

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