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Hotels Overcome the Pandemic With High Occupancy Rates & Strong Investor Appeal

Investment in hotels in Spain grew by 22% during the first half of the year compared to a 15% decrease across Europe as a whole.

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The pandemic devastated the economy of the entire planet with a sudden impact that has not been seen since the outbreak of the world wars. And the tourism sector, between the initial mass lockdowns and the subsequent travel restrictions, was one of the most affected by far. It was also the one whose viability was most questioned by owners and investors.

But tourism is back. Not only with occupancy rates similar to and, in some cases, higher than those of 2019, but also as an object of desire in investment terms. In addition, tourism assets have regained their appeal despite the huge uncertainty that a rise in interest rates could cause at the end of the year. During 2022, the hotel segment is continuing the upward cycle that it began in 2021 and, for the time being at least, it appears to be unaffected by the economic instability, politics and energy volatility affecting the rest of the world.

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