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Hoteliers ask to Renegotiate Rents as They Close Establishments

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Hotel Ayre Colón, in Madrid, which has been converted into a temporary hospital.

Hoteliers have been waiting for days for the Government to issue a decree to force the total closure of their sector due to the state of emergency in which the country has been placed. Only that decree will allow them to start processing temporary redundancies (ERTEs) and renegotiate rents with building owners.

This measure will include tourist establishments, such as restaurants, shops and cultural facilities, which have been forced to remain closed due to the state of emergency. It is expected to enter into force within seven days, according to Expansión, and will barely affect operations, since most hotels are already closed and the rest plan to do so in the coming days.

Nevertheless, the decree is of vital importance to alleviate the finances of these businesses, since once they are considered as companies whose operations have been closed due to force majeure, their operators will be able to carry out temporary redundancies (ERTE) with greater agility and also renegotiate their rental contracts with building owners.


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