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Hotel Wellness & Grand Vista Winery in Borba commercialised by Home Tailors

Hotel Wellness & Grand Vista Winery in Borba commercialised by Home Tailors

The Home Tailors Business Group, a franchised agency of Home Tailors Real Estate, is currently marketing the Hotel Wellness & Grand Vista Winery located in Borba, Alentejo, Portugal. The project, developed by Strokes & Ground, offers an investment business model where interested parties can acquire a unit in the development for approximately 280,000 euros, with a maximum of 470 investors.

Investors who purchase shares in a unit in this development have the right to stay for 7 days per year, free room maintenance for the first 6 years, starting from the project’s construction. After 6 years, the hotel management company guarantees to repurchase the acquired unit, ensuring 100% protection of the invested capital and a 5% return. This investment is eligible for the Golden Visa program.

The development is situated on a 14-hectare plot, with 70,000 m2 designated for agriculture. It involves a complete restoration of an ancient convent founded in 1407. The luxury hotel will offer a unique experience with a strong connection to vineyards, olive oil, and cork. Owners will be able to enjoy the benefits of producing these products.

The project will comprise a total of 195 rooms, with 36 rooms within the Convent and 159 rooms in the newly constructed units. Additionally, it will offer a wide range of services, including a Spa & Wellness space, pilates rooms, a restaurant, swimming pools, an auditorium, a Club wine house, a library, a mini-theater, a gym, and outdoor spaces for various sports activities.

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