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Hotel Investment Dips to Historic Lows: it Looks Set to Fall by 60% in 2020 and May Not Even Reach its 2014 Levels

Although a lot of hotels have been put up for sale this year, as of September barely 560 million euros had been invested in these assets due to Covid. The sector now fears that investment will not even reach its 2014 levels.

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Uncertainty reigns amongst investors, who are unsure whether to fully commit to hotel operations now or wait for price discounts later. The restrictions over hotel activity, with selective lockdowns and the growth of uncertainty amongst citizens, is not helping the final investment figures in the market, which, in the opinion of Laura Hernando, Managing Director of Hotels at Colliers, will ‘struggle’ to reach the 1 billion euro mark this year. Even that would represent a 60% drop compared to 2019.

The investment volume in the hotel sector exceeded 300 million euros as of 30 September (that figure rises to 562 million euros if we consider the purchase of the Edition Hotel in Madrid, a turnkey operation that will materialise upon delivery in 2021), according to estimates from the consulting firm Colliers.

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