Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Hotel Investment Amounted to €960 Million in 2020 Thanks to Several Last-Minute Operations

The year ended with 77 transactions, although the volume was 61% lower than that registered in 2019 (2.5 billion euros) due to the Covid pandemic, according to the consulting firm CBRE.

The future Four Seasons Hotel in Formentor (Mallorca), sold to Emin Capital by Barceló.

During 2020, which was overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, 77 hotel assets containing more than 6,800 rooms and 2,000 future rooms in buildings, plots and WIP projects were transacted, worth 960 million euros, according to estimates from the consulting firm CBRE.

Despite the last-minute flurry of operations, the investment volume was 61% lower than that registered in 2019 (2.5 billion euros) due to the global health crisis and the disruption caused during the months of lockdown. Nevertheless, the activity seen during the fourth quarter of the year has raised expectations for 2021.

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Which Are the Areas of Madrid Where Homes Are Sold or Rented the Quickest?

The health crisis is taking its toll on the time it takes to sell or rent a home in the Spanish capital, although some areas are resisting better than others, according to Brainsre.

Rental Properties No Longer “Fly Off the Shelf” in Barcelona as the Time it Takes to Find a Tenant Increases

It now takes 2.2 months on average to rent out an apartment in Barcelona, up from 1.5 months, according to Brainsre, however, the city still has one of the most liquid rental markets in the country.

Special B-Exclusives: How Many Square Metres Did Spaniards Spend the Lockdown in?

Every household in Spain has an average of 42.75 square metres for each inhabitant, with 2.51 people in each home. Ceuta, Melilla, Guipúzcoa and Madrid are the areas with the least space.

The Retail Crisis of 2008 Lasted 5 Years As Store Prices Fell by 33%: How Much Could They Fall During this New Crisis?

The Covid-19 crisis has come at a time when the prices of commercial premises have not yet recovered from the previous recession, the consequences of which lasted for five years.

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