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Home Buying by British in Spain Falls to Historic Low

Home purchases by international buyers increased in the second quarter to 10.0% of the total, though still at lower levels than before Covid.

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Home purchases by foreigners in Spain staged a long-awaited recovery in the second quarter of the year after the cataclysm of the coronavirus.

However, buying is still far from pre-pandemic levels. According to data from the Association of Registrars, 10% of all home purchases in the second quarter of the year were carried out by foreigners. This represents a slight increase compared to the figures at the beginning of the year when they accounted for 9.7% of the total. However, they are still far from the 12% that used to be the norm in the Spanish market.

“In absolute terms, there has been an increase in purchases by foreigners, with more than 13,600 transactions, compared to the more than 12,200 during the first quarter of this year,” the Registrar’s Office noted.

British buyers continue to lead the way in housing transactions by non-nationals in Spain, accounting for 9.5%. This figure, however, is considerably lower than in the first quarter, when they accounted for 12.11%. The Association considers this amount to be an all-time low.

They are closely followed by Germans (9.0%), Moroccans (8.3%), French (7.0%) and Romanians (6.1%).

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