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Hesperia Opens Spain’s second Hyatt Regency in Barcelona

Interior Hotel Hesperia Hyatt Tower Barcelona 1024x362 1
Interior of the Hotel Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower.

Hesperia World unveiled the Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower on 12 February 2020. It is the brand’s second hotel in Spain, following the opening of the Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid in September 2019, according to El Economista.

This project has arisen from the remodelling of the former Hotel Hesperia Tower, which has involved the investment of €10 million. The hotel chain retains the ownership and operational control of the property but now shares its commercial management with Hyatt. The Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower has 280 rooms, including 14 suites and 12 duplex suites.


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