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Haya Real Estate to Make 292 Employees Redundant, Equivalent to 26% of its Workforce

Edificio Córdoba Fuente Haya Real Estate 1024x586 1
A Haya Real Estate residential development in Córdoba

Haya Real Estate has announced an ERE that will affect 292 of its 1,125 employees, equivalent to 25.9% of the total workforce, according to reports from Europa Press.

The company has explained that the reason for this ERE is due to economic factors resulting from a reduction in the services that it renders to Sareb, a decrease in the volume of Bankia assets under management, the merger of the company that it used to share with BBVA and the termination of other contracts.

Haya Real Estate has reported that the redundancies will be made at the firm’s offices across the country. The company chaired by Carlos Abad has set up a board to negotiate the ERE with the unions, a process that is expected to last until 10 March.


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