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Haya Improves its Transaction Volume by 2% to September Ahead of the Expected Recession

The company "considers that consolidation of the servicing industry in Spain will be necessary due to the conditions of the sector" during these uncertain times.

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Haya Real Estate knows that the economic outlook is darkening significantly during this final stretch of 2022 and fears that “our results for 2022 will be marked by the activity during the last quarter of the year due to the seasonality of our business.” And it adds: “However, the period could be affected by a potential macroeconomic slowdown.” All this, after registering a 2% increase in volumes during the 9 months to September despite the termination of its contracts with Sareb and Unicaja.

On Tuesday, Haya Real Estate presented its results for the first nine months of 2022, reporting transaction volumes of 1.8 billion euros (a cumulative figure of 2.8 billion euros over the last 12 months). These results have been driven by the activity of REOs, whose volumes have increased by 182 million euros, “recovering the divestment curves in clients thanks to the positive conditions in the real estate market,” says the servicer in a statement.

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