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Habitat Resumes Construction of 1,786 Homes Across Spain

The property developer owned by the fund Bain Capital resumed activity at its building sites on Monday, after the stoppage decreed by the Government, which affected 20 developments and 1,786 homes.

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Two weeks after the approval of the Government decree that ordered the cessation of all non-essential economic activity, property developers began to resume activity at their building sites on Monday. Such was the case of Habitat Inmobiliaria, which reactivated the construction of 1,786 homes distributed over 20 developments.

The real estate company owned by the investment fund Bain Capital returned to its usual business of building new homes, with the resumption of activity at 20 sites and the construction of 1,786 homes. It is estimated that the stoppage, decreed to stop the Covid-19 pandemic, paralysed work on more than 4,800 building projects and 131,700 new homes throughout Spain, according to data compiled exclusively by the Brainsre big data real estate platform.


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