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Habitat Owns More Than 1 Million m2 of Land in Madrid

The property developer has a presence in the centre of the Spanish capital, as well as in the east of the city, where it owns more than 800,000 m2 of land in the new sectors of Los Ahijones and Los Berrocales.

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The property developer owned by Bain Capital, Habitat Inmobiliaria, is continuing to bet on increasing its land portfolio for the development of new homes. Specifically, it is focusing on the Community of Madrid, where it now owns more than one million square metres of land.

Its role in Los Berrocales and Los Ahijones stands out, areas that form part of the region’s Southeast Strategy, bordered by the A-3 and R3 highways and the M-45 and M-50 ring roads. Those two areas span 13 million m2 in total, of which Habitat Inmobiliaria owns more than 800,000 m2.

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