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Habitat Inmobiliaria Invests €36 Million in 96 Homes in Madrid

The developer Habitat Inmobiliaria has acquired a more than 9,000-m2 plot of land in the Madrid town of Tres Cantos.

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Habitat Inmobiliaria has acquired a plot of land in Tres Cantos, in the north of Madrid. It will invest a total of 36 million euros, the residential developer announced on Thursday.

The developer, Habitat Inmobiliaria, acquired a more than 9,000-m2 plot of land, with a buildable area of more than 11,000 m2, enough to build 96 homes.

The development will be located between Avenida de Juan Pablo II and Carmen Pinós, Santiago de Calatrava and Enric Miralles, close to the Madrid Content City project, the largest audiovisual hub in the European Union.

The developer currently has more than 40 developments and close to 4,000 homes being marketed in Spain.

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