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Gross Profitability of Rental Housing Increases to 6.8%

The average annual gross return on residential rentals increased to 6.8%, while the average price increased by 14.7% year-on-year.

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The average annual gross return on residential rental units rose to 6.8%, according to Servihabitat Trends’ latest analysis. The growth in the ratio occurred from the second and third quarters of the year, “which has made the rental market into a value refuge”, the servicer explained.

Servihabitat’s research and analysis platform for the sector has revealed that the residential market in Spain is one of the least affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic.

By province, Toledo and Valencia (7.2% in both) reported the highest profitability, followed by Seville (7%), Murcia and Lerida (6.7% in both). While the lowest rates have been in Orense (4.6%), the Balearic Islands, Palencia and Gerona (4.9% in all three).

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