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Gómez Pintado: “Building Sites are Operating at 70-80% in Madrid and there is No Impact in the Rest of Spain

The president of Asprima and APCEspaña says that property development activity will continue in accordance with the Government's instructions, and that a slow down has been noted only in Madrid to date. (Note: Original article published 27/03/20)

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The President of the main property developers’ associations in the country, Madrid’s Asprima and the national APCEspaña, Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, has minimised the impact that the coronavirus, and the State of Emergency to combat it, are having on the construction sector. According to Gómez-Pintado, it is only in Madrid, where the most cases are currently being recorded, where activity at building sites has been affected, with a decline of between 20% and 30%.

“Building sites are most affected in Madrid, followed by Barcelona and Levante, where the degree of contagion is less. In Madrid, builders are working at 70% or 80% of capacity and in the rest of Spain, it’s business as usual, with no impact being felt, “said the President of the property developers’ association in a virtual meeting organised by Grupo Iberinmo.


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