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Global Conference on Distressed & Alternative Investment Industry

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The alternative and distressed investment industry worldwide is set to be the topic of discussion at the upcoming annual conference, the Alternative & Distressed Investing Summit, scheduled for March 29th, hosted at Stamford Bridge Stadium. The event promises to be a day of robust networking and stimulating conversations among prominent allocators, funds, GPs, LPs, and industry specialists from the alternative investment and debt sectors.

Crafted with an emphasis on meeting the needs of investors, the program is tailored for a global audience consisting of private and institutional investors, fund managers, banks, pension funds, family offices, hedge funds and other significant stakeholders.

Senior representatives who will be speaking during the interactive sessions hail from leading companies such as Ares Management Corporation, KKR, Intrum, M&G Investments, Investec, illimity Bank, IFC – International Finance Corporation, Banca Ifis, 50 South Capital, Alcentra, StepStone Group, Wimmer Family Office, Hoist Finance, EY, Avenue Capital Group, Ascot Investments, Albourne Partners and many others.

Covering geographies spanning the UK, Western and Southern Europe, Italy, Latin America and China, the conference will delve into key discussion topics such as valuations and returns, fund structuring, future projections, regulations, top market picks, market outlooks and more, run across two tracks during the day.

A range of sessions aimed at providing valuable insights and perspectives to attendees will include among others:

2023 Outlook – The Role of Distressed & Alternatives in a Diversified Portfolio

Analysis on how funds are thinking about alternative and distressed investing and what the opportunities available to investors in this space are, particularly in Europe. Discussion on the current economic environment and how rising interest rates are creating a unique set of opportunities for distressed debt investors that has not been seen for over a decade. While the upcoming year will bring increased investment opportunities, the panel will explore the factors that could limit this growth, including the absence of covenants in credit documents, the amount of dry powder in the market, and the maturity wall not ramping up until 2025.

NPL Portfolios & REO Deals in Southern Europe

The session will explore questions such as whether portfolio valuation risk is increasing given the macro headwinds, what investor sentiment is regarding returns in the current market, if there has been any significant change in preference of deal structures/type (e.g. spot Vs forward flow), and what the current state of the Spanish, Greek and Portuguese real estate market is, along with the expected trends for the residential REO market for the rest of 2023.

Opportunistic Investment Strategies in a Complex Global Environment

This panel will consider alternative investment options that investors can explore to navigate the complex and ever-changing global economy, such as real estate, private equity, and hedge funds. How can investors manage risk and diversify portfolios in a rapidly evolving investment environment, and what role do they play in transforming challenges into opportunities?

Driving ESG Principles in Debt & Alternatives Investing

The panel will explore the concept of ESG principles and their role in the distressed and alternative markets. Panelists will discuss what constitutes ‘green’ and how these principles can create value for investors searching for yield. They will also examine how firms are driving ESG through their organizations and the potential for new revenue streams as ESG becomes mainstream.

The event will be an excellent opportunity for investors and other industry stakeholders to connect, engage, and learn from some of the most prominent figures in the alternative and distressed investment industry worldwide.

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For more information, access to the full program and to register for the conference, please visit the Conference Website or contact us at

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