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Germans Still Look Fondly Towards Spain’s Islands

Almost 112,000 Germans see Spain, and the islands in particular, as their favourite destination for holidays and having a second home. Of those, 25,700 have chosen to live in the Canary Islands.

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At the moment, 111,911 Germans reside in Spain. Undoubtedly, the amenable climate, the vast array of beaches, the gastronomy and the wide range of cultural activities that the country offers, make it one of the ideal places to settle down.

According to data collected by the big-data real estate platform Brains RE, the islands are the epicentre of German residential investment in Spain. This is despite the fact that the German Government’s Commissioner for Tourism, Thomas Bareiss, has been hesitant to recommend or rule out that whether Germans should enjoy their holidays in Spain, after the pandemic and its associated lockdown, and now, its partial resurgence.

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