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German and French Investors Channel €1.8 Billion into Spain During YTD September

Between January and September 2020, German entities invested 77% more capital than during the same period last year; whilst French firms acquired assets worth 400 million euros.

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German and French investors are on track to invest more capital than last year in the real estate sector in certain European countries, according to the consulting firm Savills based on data from RCA. According to Marcus Lemli, CEO of Savills Germany and Head of Investment Europe, “the notable increase in European investment activity led by these two groups is the result of the flow of money into pension funds, which needs to be invested to generate returns and that is benefitting real estate investment”.

Savills indicates that the absence of several competitive investors from other continents has allowed Europeans themselves to fill the gap. Although there is room for everyone: funds such as Ardian, GLP, EQT, Nuveen, Primonial, M Capital and various opportunist entities have decided to bet on fashionable sectors, such as logistics and build to rent, as well as on possible discounted operations in the hotel, retail and office segments.

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