Euribor-Linked Mortgages Fall in March but Could Rise over the Next Few Months

The index's monthly average stands at -0.276% and so mortgages referenced to Euribor will see a reduction in March.

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Euribor, the index to which most mortgages are referenced, experienced an increase during the month of March. In less than ten days, the indicator has gone from a minimum of -0.368% to reach -0.148%.

Those borrowers who have to revise their mortgages based on the March month-end Euribor rate will see a reduction in their instalments. However, this seems to indicate that the decreases are over, and so we may the first increases in repayments in four years. Nevertheless, the decisions that may be taken regarding rates by organisations such as the European Central Bank to combat the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus could mitigate that upwards trend.


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