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Equinix to Open Two Data Centres in Madrid

The construction of the new Equinix data centres is valued at 238 million euros and will increase the number of facilities of this type in Spain to six.


Equinix will open two new data centres in Alcobendas (Madrid). The construction of the facilities will cost 238 million euros, according to Silicon.

Currently, Equinix, a U.S. company specialized in digital infrastructure, has four data centres in Spain. With the two additional sites in Alcobendas, the number of facilities of this type that Equinix has in our country will increase to six.

Ignacio Velilla, managing director of Equinix in Spain, said that “the rapid growth of the digital economy has driven an increasing demand for global connectivity and hybrid multi-cloud solutions”.

In total, according to Velilla, Equinix, which has been betting on Alcobendas as the epicentre of its interconnection campus for more than two decades, has more than 230 data centres in some 60 markets worldwide.

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